John White Misrepresents Eureka Math?

How can we believe anything John White says when he has misrepresented so much.  

John White is NOT telling the truth about Eureka Math -the Common Core aligned math curriculum he has chosen for Louisiana.  Why has he said publicly on several occasions that Eureka Math was developed by LSU?  Is it because he wants the public to believe that the Common Core Standards, its curriculum and its standardized test are products of Louisiana teachers?  White connects the Cain Center in this story but there is no mention of the Cain Center in development of Eureka Math.  

The last slide of this PowerPt presentation by John White says that Eureka Math was developed by LSU.  White continues to say that.  

The non-profit, Common Core (,  announced on June 24, 2013, that John White has recommended Eureka Math as its state math curriculum. 

" WASHINGTON, DC (June 24, 2013) — The State of Louisiana and its Office of the State Superintendent of Education recently announced that the P-12 mathematics curriculum developed by the nonprofit Common Core is a recommended resource for Louisiana math teachers. The state praised the curriculum for its rigor and alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
The CCSS-based math curriculum was developed by Common Core, a Washington, D.C. based organization that creates curriculum tools and promotes programs, policies, and initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels. Common Core developed the math curriculum in partnership with the New York State Education Department (NYSED)." 
Common Core simply gives this bit of attribution to an LSU professor:
"Common Core has been working with master teachers and math scholars for more than two years to craft a comprehensive pre-kindergarten through 12th grade mathematics curriculum. The design for the curriculum is based on work pioneered by Louisiana State University mathematician Scott Baldridge, who holds that mathematics is most effectively taught as a logical, engaging story."
John White says Eureka Math was created by LSU.  It was NOT.  See below.  Is he saying this to make it appear to be locally created? There were several LSU employees who were part of the project led by and the Project Director is co-director of the Gordon Cain Center in Baton Rouge.  
Eureka Math was created by CommonCore .org for New York Department of Education first.  Their website says that EngageNY math was created and is maintained by New York Department of Education. It also implies that New York teachers are creating their curriculum.  They are not. 
The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is engaging teachers, administrators, and education experts across the State and nation in the creation of curriculum resources, instructional materials, professional development materials,samples of test questions, test specifications, and other test-related materials that will help with the transition to the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).

Welcome to EngageNY! is created and maintained by the New York State Education Department

Watch Commissioner King's welcome message

  White continues to say our teachers were/are writing this stuff and creating the sample PARCC questions.  This is not true.  They are taken directly off the website and the logo is replaced with Louisiana Believes!  Is this an effort to justify where the $7 million Gates grant that was supposed to be spent for CCSS transition?  He needs to produce a spreadsheet of expenditures showing where that money was spent -or NOT spent. 

Excerpts from : 
Then, in 2012, CC won three contracts from the New York State Education Department to create a comprehensive PreK–12 mathematics curriculum, and to conduct associated professional development. From that effort we have created Eureka Math, a state-of-the-art online curriculum that meets the needs of the teacher, the trainer, and the student. (This is EngageNY).  
The research and development upon which Eureka Math is based was made possible through a partnership with the New York State Education Department, for whom this work was originally created. Their expert review team, including renowned mathematicians who helped write the CCSS, progressions, and the much-touted “Publisher’s Criteria,” strengthened an already rigorous development process. We are proud to now provide Eureka Math, an extended version of that work, to teachers both within and beyond New York.
Common Core is a Washington, DC-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization, founded in 2007.


Director of Eureka Math

Jill spent 10 years in industry before returning full time to her love of mathematics education. She has taught 6th grade math, Algebra I, Algebra II, College Algebra, and Developmental Math in addition to Computer Science, AP Computer Science, Pre Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, and AP Statistics. She has received extensive training in mathematics education including many hour of deep study of Singapore's mathematics program. She has presented at local and state level conferences and provided training to local elementary schools in Florida. Ms. Diniz earned her master's degree in Mathematics in 1995.


Lead Writer, Math PreK-5

Robin leads the curriculum writing team and works to ensure articulation of the PK-5 curriculum with what is being developed for grades 6-8. She worked within one of the largest urban school districts in the country as a math teacher for ten years, and then served as math coach at another site for an additional ten years. A project she led beginning in 2005 gained international recognition because of the tremendous results experienced after implementing an Asian curriculum initially under the guidance of mathematician Dr. Yoram Sagher. Ms. Ramos is known across the country for her work as a coach and trainer, supporting and empowering schools to create dynamic, effective, mathematically correct programs.

Common Core (non-profit that created Eureka Math) was contracted to create it for New York.  New York called it EngageNY and claim THEY created it.  

Expert advisors to the project, all nationally recognized mathematics scholars and educators of great distinction, include: Francis “Skip” Fennell, professor at McDaniel College and Past President of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; Kenneth Gross, Director of the Vermont Mathematics Initiative; Roger Howe, Yale University; Hung-Hsi Wu, University of California, Berkeley; Frank Neubrander, Louisiana State University; and Ralph Raimi, University of Rochester. This renowned group of leading mathematics experts will serve as thought partners, editors, and special advisors throughout the development and execution of the project.
Ordering materials:

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Common Core is dedicated to meeting the needs of teachers as they make the transition to using Eureka Math, our math curriculum found at commoncore.organd at
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Math Modules

The following links will direct parents and students to the public version of Eureka Math for each grade level, hosted on the New York education site called Engage New York:
KindergartenThird GradeSixth Grade
First GradeFourth GradeSeventh Grade
Second GradeFifth GradeEighth Grade      10/19/2013

It is possible and necessary to create mathematics textbooks that do better than Textbook School Mathematics. One such effort by holds promise: its Eureka Math series will make online courses in K-12 math available at a modest cost. The series will be completed sometime in 2014. [Full disclosure: one of us is an author of the 8th grade textbook in that series.]

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