Can Louisiana Parents Refuse the PARCC Test?

Currently the leading conversation among parents, as evidenced on various Facebook pages, is regarding the opportunity for parents to refuse to allow their children to take the current state high stakes standardized assessment which is purported by Supt. John White to be PARCC.

The fact that Louisiana has not contracted with Pearson, which was contracted by the PARCC consortium, to provide the standardized test,  leads one to believe that our state will not be administering the "official" PARCC test that is touted as an essential tool to measure and compare student learning (and Common Core Standards alignment) between the other states in the consortium.   The fact that Louisiana HAS contracted with Data Recognition Corporation to provide us with our state assessment adds to the belief that students will NOT be administered the "official" PARCC test  that teachers have been using as guidance and students have been learning as a model for preparation.

In addition to numerous reasons  parents should consider when making a determination to refuse or not to refuse, a strong influence is the question of accountability.  The term accountability has floated to the top of the "reform" cesspool and has been presented as necessarily being purely punitive in nature and purpose.  "Reform" consists of methods to punish children, teachers, schools and districts if they do not meet the arbitrary and artificial  standards designed to measure FAILURE.  John White has designed and/or adopted every known method to measure failure.  At the top of the list is the high stakes standardized assessment that is inextricably attached to the Common Core Standards.

I am offering here information  relative to real or perceived "punishments" that parents, teachers and administrators should consider when making a decision about refusing the test.  I believe it is important for parents to come to their own understanding of these policies, laws, applications and interpretations. I am happy to offer guidance that I expect parents will want and need it in order to negotiate and discern all the available information.  Full disclosure - my understanding and my position is that parents can choose to refuse the test (PARCC ELA/MATH, not lEAP/iLEAP Social Studies/Science) without punitive consequences for their children and without the fear and intimidation sometimes used to dissuade them when told that refusing the test will cause their school to fail and be taken over by a charter or de-funded.

I will add to and edit this information as needed, but will make clear any changes I make. I will blog separately about my own interpretation and conclusions because it is important for parents to have a basic understanding of this information first.


Louisiana 2014 recently approved NCLB Waiver extension :

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Real Life anecdotal evidence from Rhode Island:

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