What REALLY Happened to St. Tammany Guaranteed Curriculum?

I sent this public information request to Stpsb Asst. Supt. Cheryl Arabie on Oct. 6:

Pursuant to the Public Records Act of Louisiana, R.S. 44:1 et seq., I respectfully request the following information:

I understand that you cannot give me access to the curriculum through Blackboard so I am asking for the following:  

Copies of 3rd grade math curriculum provided to teachers on Blackboard, email, or paper copies from August 1-September 1.  I do not want copies of every black line master or worksheet I am only interested in the curriculum as represented by the Guaranteed Curriculum and or links to other curriculum or resources.  I am not asking for any tests.  

Copies of 3rd grade math Guaranteed Curriculum as provided to teachers prior to changes to align to Common Core Standards.  I am guessing this would be prior to 2013. I am only asking for the Guaranteed Curriculum with links to other resources provided.  No tests and not sets of worksheets.  

There were several back and forth conversations the result of which Ms. Arabie thought I had cancelled my original request for pre-CCSS copies. My stated purpose was to compare the old GC with what was being called the current GC. 

I received this response on Oct. 8:

"The Guaranteed Curriculum is a living document that is constantly updated and changes on a daily basis, and sometimes, hourly basis.  Because the curriculum is a constantly evolving online document, the document you request does not exist.  Accordingly, this office cannot provide you the record you have requested." 

My response was:

I  see you consulted with an attorney who has given you bad advice if he suggested you respond in this manner.  Here is some information about the law: 

Act 436 clearly characterizes curriculum as a public record and requires all instructional materials to be available to parents: 

Other districts post their curriculum and all other instructional materials on line. For instance Vermilion Parish:

I was then notified that the current math curriculum would be provided but -

I have emailed you previously and informed you that the guaranteed curriculum does not exist. Your last request specifically said third grade math from August 1 to September 1, 2014 as it existed at the beginning of this school year. That is the information provided and copied for you.  Please refer to your earlier emails which clearly states the previous curriculum aligned to the GLEs does not exist any longer. 

This clarifies for me why teachers who testified before the school board were upset that the Eureka Math Curriculum would be removed.  What had been characterized by Ms. Arabie as the St. Tammany "Guaranteed Curriculum" was actually the framework of GC with the curriculum gutted and replaced with STANDARDS.  Teachers were being provided with a worksheet packet (black line masters) for student consumption.  If the Eureka "Curriculum" is removed they would have NO CURRICULUM.  Evidently most teachers didn't realize (weren't told) that the complete Eureka Math Curriculum could be accessed for free on EngageNY.org.  This also explains why Ms. Arabie said in the meeting that if Option 1 were selected by the Board (immediately remove Eureka) that there would be NO resources and no Guaranteed Curriculum.  

I am now clear that the "delete button" was hit on the Guaranteed Curriculum that was created with thousands of taxpayer dollars and written by many teachers who put in hundreds of hours. Gone without a trace?  No record of curriculum design with which to compare student scores each year before and after CCSS?  No resource for teachers in the highest performing large school district in the state? No way to compare our previous La. Content Standards and GLEs with the application of CCSS in Eureka Math?  Just blind faith?  So now it is St. Tammany Believes!

You decide what you think about this. 

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