Senator Landrieu on Common Core

The truth is that when it comes to education policy Louisiana voters have NO CHOICE for Senator this election.  Conservatives blame liberals and liberals blame conservatives but the reality is they are all as GUILTY AS SIN when it comes to the destructive privatization of our public school system.  The Common Core Initiative is just an extension of that effort - a replacement for the failed policies of Bush's NCLB.

Here is a crystal clear position statement by Mary Landrieu and a great response from a Louisiana teacher.

              Dear --------------:
Thank you for writing to me in regards to your concerns for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). I appreciate the opportunity to learn of your views on this matter.
In the mid-2000s, there was a considerable grassroots effort led by teachers and experts from across the nation, the National Governor's Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and forty-nine states and territories to adjust high school standards aimed at making high school graduates more prepared to enter the workforce or attend college. The CCSS developed as a result of these discussions and have been voluntarily adopted as college-and career-ready standards by forty-five states. These standards were adopted by the State of Louisiana under the Administration of Governor Jindal in 2010.
The CCSS do not prescribe a national curriculum; rather, they lay out explicit academic goals that students should meet in order to be successful in today's career and college environments. They have been supported by business leaders across Louisiana, including the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. In no way does the federal government require or pressure states to adopt the CCSS. All states that have chosen to adopt these standards, including the State of Louisiana, have done so freely without any directive from the federal government. Accordingly, these voluntary state-based standards have not been written into federal law.
While I had no involvement in the adoption and development of the CCSS by the state, I support a collaborative effort by Louisiana's parents, teachers, local school districts, and Louisiana's state government in setting appropriate academic goals for Louisiana's students to master. I am pleased that these individuals came together without directive from the federal government to elevate the education standards for Louisiana's public education system. Louisiana's students deserve no less than the highest standards in learning and the high quality education that they need to compete with their peers nationally and internationally. This will ensure a more promising future for our students, our workforce, and the economic health of our state.
Once again, thank you for contacting me about this important issue. As a member of the United States Senate, my jurisdiction remains limited to federal legislation and does not provide me with the authority to manage the Louisiana's public education system. However, I understand your concerns and will keep them in mind when working with the State of Louisiana on related education issues. Please feel free to visit my website at for more information on my legislative views and actions. 
With warm regards, I am

Mary Landrieu
United States Senator

Dear Senator Landrieu,

I appreciate your response to my letter voicing my concerns about Common Core.

You seem to be mistaken about the origin of Common Core. It was not a grass roots effort at all. It was/ is a corporate effort to standardize public education in order to bring educational products to scale. Bill Gates largely bankrolled this effort at the request of David Coleman et al. The British conglomerate Pearson stands to profit handsomely on the backs of public school children. All of this is documented and I can send you the information if you would care to read it.

Senator Landrieu, I am a woman who would dearly love to support a woman senator. You, through your blind allegiance to Common Core, and to school choice initiatives...another issue, I know, have completely alienated me, a teacher in her 37th year of service. It is my professional judgement as an English teacher (I taught at Jesuit NOLA for 10 years) that Common Core DOES drive curriculum through the bludgeon of the standardized tests required in our state.

I have watched the efforts of privatizing interests drive great teachers from the classroom since the 2012 initiatives were ramrodded through our Louisiana  legislature. Common Core was adopted in our state under the aegis of Paul Pastorek (not a teacher) before the standards were even fully written. 

Your voice has been largely silent as teachers have cried foul. You, as a woman, have stood by saying nothing as a major profession with women in the majority has been attacked and, in some cases , dismantled entirely ( Read New Orleans).

Still, I have voted for you in the past because I valued your position on many issues.

Now, I can't support you. I hurts me very much because I think you have been misled, as have many people, by the Big Money forces behind Common Core.

If a democrat does not support working women...working teachers...where do I turn?

The world is upside down, Senator Landrieu.

Just remember: I did not leave you. You left me.

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