A Horse Named Common Core

An update on the state of the Common Core Initiative (Standards, Curriculum, PARCC, high stakes, data collection, technology overload, phony school performance scores, Teacher Bleeders, standardization, educator denigrator, bogus textbook evaluation, testing, testing, testing. . . . ) -

As a former horse trainer I can tell you that there is only one thing more useless than a dead race horse and that is a lame racehorse. 

This horse named Common Core was lame when it left the gate, it has become more painful as it comes around the stretch and it will never make it to the finish line.  It is time to put it out of its misery.  

I remember my first experience watching a horse being put down.  It was a twenty-year-old 16+ hand quarter horse who, because he was being treated with steroids for his failing kidneys, strutted around like a stallion as we walked him to the back of the property.   The farm manager was leaning up against the bulldozer waiting to finish his "job."  I was holding the lead rope when the Vet warned me to stand back because the horse would drop as soon as the syringe was emptied.  

Sure enough, BOOM!, down he went.  My immediate reaction was to burst out in tears - so alive one minute but gone so quickly.  The young Vet was at a loss for words, but the farm manager's response was, "Well I just wish you could have gotten him a little closer to the hole."  

That's where I hope to see this lame horse Common Core very soon - close enough to the hole that one last swift kick will tip it over the edge.  I plan to be there with my best pair of boots on!  

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