Should a Gubernatorial Candidate Be FOR or AGAINST Common Core?

Louisiana folks know that John Bel Edwards is a Democrat running for Governor against a group of Republican candidates vying for "The Most Conservative" title.

Arguably one of the most important issues currently being debated in this campaign is the adoption, or not, of Common Core Standards.

While the adoption of Common Core Standards did not begin as a political issue (it is and always has been all about the $$money$$),  it has been "elevated" to that level by those who would use the issue in hopes it will improve their otherwise same ole same ole "lies and misdemeanors" campaign strategy.  Well, in a manner of speaking anyway, because in Louisiana we often have convicted felons, sexual perverts and thieves in elected office or running for elected office.  Just read the newspaper any given day.

As for CCSS, candidates are ill advised to "pick a side" on this issue for any number of reasons.

 Besides being a very hot topic that sports top level supporters and opponents on BOTH ends of the political spectrum, it is a subject that NONE of the candidates hold expertise in.  So rising to the top of the cesspool created by CCSS will only improve your status in that venue!

Candidates will find, and have found,  it very difficult to keep their hooves out of their mouths when confronted by the exponentially growing number of parents and teacher opponents who are either trained education professionals or have made it a point to educate themselves to protect their most previous possessions - their children.

And it doesn't matter whether their wallpaper consists of copies of The Constitution or Bob Dylan posters, they are determined that THEIR CHILDREN are not human capital that should be standardized or mesmerized in front of computers where "personalized learning" means the old computer is the new person.  These education "experts" in and out of the classroom do not have a vision of education as a global COMPETITION with their children, teachers and schools being labelled as winners or losers! They SIMPLY, yes simply, want for their children what we should all want for  EVERY child - a safe, encouraging, supportive environment where they can be introduced to all the world and life have to offer so that when they are ready to make the determination FOR THEMSELVES , they have a foundation to build their futures using their own blueprints.

I compare the last few years of so-called education reform in our state to our history of invasive species brought here usually by do-gooders and sometimes profiteers.

Louisiana has had a long relationship with exotic plants and animals that come from afar and arrive here to thrive in the state's sub-tropical environment.
The poster child for invasive species in the state has long been the nutria, a South American rodent whose taste for wetland vegetation has helped destroy delicate coastal marshes.
Louisiana hosts a long list of other invasives, from feral hogs, Formosan termites, water hyacinth and fire ants to more recent arrivals such as giant apple snails, Asian tiger prawns, tawny crazy ants, giant salvinia and Asian carp. 

Here, they don't face predators or environmental conditions that kept them in check, opening the door for sometimes unbridled growth. - See more at:

Then of course there is the ever present quest for oil and the debate as to whether mankind can best survive without it or without clean water and a flourishing environment. 

Common Core and much of current reform REPRESENTS yet another invasive species brought from afar and it is no surprise that the lead importer, John White, is himself not a native.

Now I consider myself a pretty sophisticated person with a lot of experience and exposure under my belt having lived and attended schools in numerous states and in Europe.  I can't be written off as just another supporter of status quo, whatever that represents to you.  I can, however, appreciate the uniqueness of the history, culture and people of Louisiana without letting the importance of respecting and preserving those stand in the way of a consistently forward moving and improving system of public  education.  They should both be able to co-exist in our natural habitat.

I believe John Bel Edwards is the gubernatorial candidate who best represents Louisiana values aligned with progress for our state relative to his views on public education.  I know there are other important issues of concern for voters, but I wanted to make clear his position in the education
debate.   You will not hear him say he is FOR or AGAINST Common Core because he understands that the success of education in this state or any other is not predicated solely on that set of standards.

Here are John Bel Edwards' own words in that regard:

 "In short,  I would not adopt new standards that have not been vetted and approved in Louisiana by a group of parents and educators, and I would not choose an assessment until I have the standards in place.  We should take 2 or 3 years and get it right.  Each and every standard should be reviewed and adopted, modified or rejected based on whether it makes sense, will improve 
education and critical thinking, is consistent with Louisiana values, and does not inject inappropriate material by age and grade into the classroom." 

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