A Louisiana Parent's Letter To Protect Student Privacy

A model letter to your child's principal from a Louisiana parent.  Links to the new Louisiana laws are included.

To all,
Please feel free to use this letter as a template for your own children.  For those of you with children in private schools using computers and I-PADS, please note that these laws do not protect them. You can go to the boards of your own schools and request a list of approved instructional, curriculum, web based materials as we have requested from the St. Tammany Parish School Board and take up any concerns that you may have with them.
From: Sachs [mailto:saxheim@charter.net
Please know that I wish to see every survey (CDC, Federal government, State, Regional, etc. and all survey portions of any and all assessments) prior to being administered.  Also - (YOUR CHILD'S NAME) does not have my permission to work on assignments that require his/her to blog or post personally identifiable information on websites.
I am very grateful for the new laws (Acts 436 and 837) put forth by LA Representative Schroder that attempt to protect our children from those that seek to exploit/profile them using personal and private information.
None of this is meant to be a reflection on (NAME OF SCHOOL).  This is more a reflection on those that imposed education reform on teachers, students, principals, etc. where new laws are now required to protect them from these unsound educational policies.
Thank you for being an advocate and role model for children. (YOUR CHILD'S NAME) is looking forward to returning to (NAME OF SCHOOL) this year!


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