Exposing Phony Testimony Against Louisiana Charter Bill

This letter was sent to members of the Senate Education Committee on May 15 in support of HB 703 sponsored by Rep. John Bel Edwards (Rep. Edwards is the only Democrat running for Governor and enjoys the support of the education community due in part to his support of public education).

http://www.legis.la.gov/legis/ViewDocument.aspx?d=894875&n=HB703%20Engrossed - To prohibit the State Board of Education from approving a charter that had been denied by a local district school board.

You can watch the video of the testimony spoken of in Senate Education Committee here:

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The second piece of commentary is from a Louisiana parent and public education advocate who is well educated on the background behind the privatization of our schools and the part that the Common Core Initiative plays in that effort.

Veronica Brooks -
Email: vbrooks@lacharterschools.org
Veronica, a native of Virginia, graduated from the University of Virginia and earned a Master of Public Policy with a focus on Education Policy from George Washington University. She began her career in education with Teach For America as a middle school science teacher and went on to work from D.C. Public Schools, the Louisiana Department of Education, a teacher quality think tank, and an international research firm before joining LAPCS. (Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools - works for Carolyn Roemer, Exec. Director and sister of State Board of Education President Chas Roemer - the Jindal influenced State Ethics Board ruled that this was not a conflict of interest although Chas Roemer supports the replacement of traditional public schools with charters).  
Veronica replaces fact with fiction and provokes alligator tears in her public testimonies.  Of course she is not from Louisiana.  Of course she is a Teach For America alumnus. 

Stephanie Desselles - Vice President, CABL, Council for a Better Louisiana
Ms. Desselles who has no education background is the mouthpiece for the business interests pushing privatization.  You can see Ms. Desselles in action in this video in which she and a mouthpiece for Stand For Children debate me and Dr. Mercedes Schneider (teacher and author of the new book A Chronicle of Echoes: Who's Who in the Implosion of American Public Education.)


From: Elizabeth McEnery
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2014 10:16 AM
To: lafleure@legis.la.govdonahuej@legis.la.govguillorye@legis.la.gov;
Mike Walsworth; whitem@legis.la.govcortezp@legis.la.gov
Cc: vbrooks@lacharterschools.org

Subject: Re: Senate Ed Committee on 5-15-14

May 15, 2014
Dear Senators,

I spoke to the Education Committee yesterday concerning my support for
Representative Edwards' House Bill 703. After my heart felt request for your
approval of the Bill I sat down and others came forward to oppose the Bill.

One who opposes the Bill, Ms. Brooks, took my true story of highly
impoverished teenaged boys being pushed out of charter schools only to
become either victims or perpetrators of violent crimes, some even being
murdered, and injected her own story, with tears. 

I was not referring to the three boys shot by an adult in New Orleans last week, though 
she insisted I was. The boys I knew and referred to were murdered over the last seven or
eight years. They were pushed out of New Orleans RSD charter high schools.
There was no follow up by a local School Board and their guardians were not
able to get them enrolled in another school so they ended up on the streets.

Ms. Brooks may be new to New Orleans. She may have never had experiences in
our most impoverished neighborhoods. I invite her, or anyone of you, to work
with us in those neighborhoods for a year or two - or for a week - or for a

Please come with me as I drive my ministry kids home late at night and
go inside their homes with me to meet and get to know their families. Please
go with me to their Funerals and to their Repasts. Please talk with their
Moms or their Grandmothers or their big sisters who are raising them and
find out why their boys and girls sometimes do not re enroll in school after
being pushed out of a charter school. Please hear them tell you, in their
tears, about their historic neighborhood public schools that no longer exist
and how their children are not admitted into the often selective charter
schools that took their places and even their names. And about the well
meaning but very young, inexperienced Teach For America teachers from other
states who have replaced our experienced veteran teachers and who have
frequent temper tantrums and crying spells in their classrooms. 

I tried to give this explanation to Ms. Brooks in a letter yesterday just after she
spoke. She had Ms. Desselles return it to me, stating that she did not want
to read it. This seems inappropriate for the Director of Louisiana Charter

Schools. She should want to know these things. She should want to make
appropriate policy changes for charter schools. These are real concerns
which Ms. Brooks seems to ignore. Her attitude further supports the
experiences of those young people my ministry serves. They are often ignored
and have no real system when charter schools push them out. Where is their
choice when you grade their public schools out of existence? I could tell
you a lot more.

Respectfully yours,

 Libba McEnery
 New Orleans, Louisiana                        
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International, faith-based Christian ministry to inner city New Orleans,

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To All,

Libba would like the truth to be known.  Yesterday was a horrible day in
Senate Ed.  Please go and watch Libba's testimony and then Veronica Brooks,
Stephanie Desselles, and Bridget Nieland.  It is even more despicable that
Ms. Brooks would flex her muscle through CABLE (Stephanie Desselles) and
that  Ms. Desselles would happily agree to do Veronica's bidding - Her words
to Libba were:  She(Veronica) doesn't want to read it.  All Veronica had to
do was throw the letter away, but instead she had Stephanie Deselles throw
the letter in Libba's face - in essence showing a total disregard for these
poor unfortunate children that Libba works with on a daily basis.

It is time for this Louisiana corrupted charter machine to be revealed -
possibly in a diagram form - Bobby Jindal, John White, Chaz Roemer, Shirley
Roemer, Kiera Orange Jones, Holly Boffy, etc., Curt Eysink (head of the LWC
and sits on the La. Public Charter Schools Board of Directors, etc.)and all
of the rest of the pro Teach for America crowd promoting and using young TFA
recruits for a sinister purpose. It is hard to believe that all of these
people do not understand what they are doing including: See attached.

Below, one of many comments on the attached, and Libba's letter  to the

TFA would be fine if they weren't being substituted for so very many of our
real teachers. one or two in a school could be good for everyone concerned.
But, I think the plan is for Charters to be the conduit for Common Core and
TFAs to be the facilitators of Common Core! In NOLA they fired 100% of the
certified teachers after Katrina. They hired some back and replaced the rest
with TFAs. Now I don't know the exact numbers, but I think that RSD Charter
Schools have above 50% TFA! They will do as they are told and teach from the
script! There are TFA style Principals too. They are from NEW LEADERS FOR
NEW SCHOOLS and they get a crash course in Education Administration and then
replace qualified and experienced Principals! Education is fast being de

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