Corporatist Takeover of Public Education via Anita Hoge

I just read the following piece written by a lady named Anita Hoge.  I don't know her or anything about her beyond this piece.  I don't know what religion she is, what politics she ascribes to or what her dog is in this hunt.  I do know that she has documented all in one place what I have learned, what I have experienced,  and what I essentially believe to be pretty darn close to completely accurate.      

Read and share.  Then take action.  Here is my summary position:

A must read. The whole picture for changing the governance of our public schools.  Below is Anita Hoge's  plan to defeat the corporatist takeover. It's not easy.  It won't happen if the majority of people are unaware or just sit back and expect others to do it.  The ability to overcome it though lies in the fact that YOU OWN the essential HUMAN CAPITAL that is needed to make the profits that fuel the agenda - YOUR CHILDREN!  Do NOT turn them over to these corporations.  Note this statement in particular: You must also fight the Common Core Standards and do not be side-tracked by the debate of which standard is best.    It's not the Standards Stupid!  It's the Initiative and it has to GO!  Don't let YOUR children take the test. Radical I know, but it's not the most radical thing our citizens have had to do in our brief history as a nation now is it?!!


"The Good News Plan

What is the answer? Your state MUST put caps on charter schools or your local neighborhood school will be crushed. Your local school board must fight for their independence against a mayor or governor seeking to destroy their elected positions in your community. They must file suit to keep their positions. We must also fight against the federal legislation and meet with your elected officials to stop choice and vouchers in that reauthorization of ESEA where the funding will follow the child. You must also fight the Common Core Standards and do not be side-tracked by the debate of which standard is best.

Fight the transfer of power that are putting in place to destroy traditional education. Refuse the psychoanalyzing of your student at school. Stress academic solutions. Support your traditional teachers; they are being forced to change or be fired. Also, insist on a federal investigation against FERPA and the personal data-trafficking on your individual child that was unlocked by Obama. This is a tall order, but it can be done. It's called local control and states rights.

In conclusion, a story about the community of Bridgeport, Connecticut is worthy of national attention. A group of citizens filed suit against Mayor Finch for dismantling the locally elected school board. Finch, along with Superintendent Paul Vallas, who had previously been hired to run the schools in Chicago, New Orleans, and Philadelphia, has had a set back. The challenging group won their seats back and they won control of the majority this past election. They have promised that Vallas will be gone. This is how a beneficial power-play is made, and this can be done in your city or a city near you."



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