Is a Resolution at Hand?

The political posturing surrounding the Common Core controversy is garnering all the attention while the real work continues of exposing the vast and complex collaboration of corporate elites and their political beneficiaries in this effort to bring about the transformation of our system of public education from one that serves every child every day to one that lines their pockets.

 Louisiana will soon be a poster child that will show the determination and dedication of parents and educators along with others who truly do understand and cherish this cornerstone of democracy and the benefits it brings to our children, our communities and our nation - possibly our only real hope to bring our most vulnerable population out of poverty as contributing members of society. 

John White and those members of BESE who have catered to special interests and ignored the warnings of so many parents and educators will soon be gone and our Department of Education and its policy making body can begin to serve rather than scathe once again. I plan to be in the front row when the story is exposed and the rats 
begin deserting the sinking ship.

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