St. Tammany Teacher Takes On Common Core

This is a repost from Dr. Mercedes Schneider's blog Deutsch29.   Mercedes is a teacher in St. Tammany who has become an outspoken critic of many of the corporatist elite's so-called PUBLIC education reforms.  Note that I refer to these reforms as PUBLIC because you WILL NOT find them in the private schools where these elitists send their children.  Mercedes is a hero for those teachers afraid or unwilling to speak out.  She teaches in St. Tammany Parish Public Schools where our elected school board and their appointed Superintendent are supportive of the professional certified educators who try to do what is best for "Every Child Every Day."

Some Details on the First NPE Conference

March 3, 2014
The first annual Network for Public Education (NPE) Conference was this past weekend, on Saturday, March 1, and Sunday, March 2, 2014.
Below is a news brief on the conference:
I participated in the NPE conference as a member of three panel discussions, the topics being investigative journalism, philanthropy (as such is undermining the democratic process) and the Common Core (CCSS).
Click here for the published conference agenda.
Approximately 400 people attended, including but not limited to classroom teachers, university professors, parents, grandparents, retirees, journalists, bloggers, researchers, elected officials, students, administrators, and other advocates for the cause of public education.
I met scores of people. However, outside of my formal conference involvements, I spent most of my time enjoying the company of Jennifer Berkshire (Edushyster) and Gretchen Conley (her Edusister); Darcie Cimarusti (Mother Crusader); DC cheating whistleblower principal Adell Cothorne; Lee Barrios (Geaux Teacher), and, for her limited engagement (Saturday only, over my first dining experience with Ethiopian cuisine), Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) President Karen Lewis.
One of my favorite low-key moments was Saturday afternoon when several of us were hanging out in my room, chatting about the conference and laughing about life in the hour or so before dinner. In that rare and beautiful experience, I glimpsed the pleasant shadow of my college past, now almost thirty years ago.
I had a marvelous time.
I was hoping to publish a number of video clips from the conference. We had planned to live stream numerous sessions; however, NPE experienced technical difficulty. I believe that some sessions were filmed. And certainly, the abundance of iPhones in the audience will yield video footage of a number of sessions.
As such is made available to me, I will post it. (Anyone having such video documentation, please provide links in the comments section of this post.)
One view currently available is Texas Superintendent John Kuhn’s and CTU President Karen Lewis’ impassioned defense of public education. 
They reminded me that being a traditional public school teacher is noble and good.
Also available is this 5-minute clip of my opener during the CCSS panel:
My thanks to fellow blogger Peter Greene (curmudgucation) for bringing the above clip to my attention.
I plan to write a more detailed commentary on components of the CCSS panel discussion once a complete video is available. Stay tuned.

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