SBAC Test "NOT READY" as Scheduled!

My letter to members of the Louisiana House Education Committee on the eve of hearing proposed legislation to return Louisiana education to Louisiana!

Ladies and Gentlemen - 

"As teachers and school administrators learned on Friday, the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Field Test isn’t (quite) ready to be given.
Years in the making and the consortium behind the absurd Common Core test informed partner states on Friday that things would not be ready to go this coming Monday, as scheduled.
The “shocking new” should come as no surprise to many since the companies developing the tests have had massive problems all the way along.  Early benchmark tests froze computers and eventually crashed school Internet networks in many schools."

There is no doubt in my mind that the concept of NATIONAL standards, curriculum and testing will be seen in hindsight as a national disgrace.  Everyone on the same page at the same time will be required if our performance on a national test will be compared to other states in this race to the bottom of the waste water pond in which our once democratic system of public education is drowning.  

Just yesterday SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium - the other version of our PARCC) halted its national field test scheduled for this coming week because THEY AREN'T READY!  Students, teachers, school systems out in a holding pattern.  Do you think this is a portent of things to come?  Could we possibly see an announcement one day that there has been a national data breach of all the personally identifiable student information these tests will be collecting?  See this article from Connecticut and be sure to read the comments: 

It is time to heed the warnings of educators, the fears of parents and the "writings on the wall" and:

1.   Put a halt to the ability of our state superintendent and BESE board to unilaterally mandate a set of standards as evidenced by their selection of Common Core which wasn't even published prior to adoption. 

2.  Place a halt to the use of this national test (PARCC). 

3.  Pass a bill providing for an open and transparent development of a set of high standards, curriculum and a Louisiana State Assessment that is aligned to these standards. 

4.  Return local control to the application of a rich curriculum aligned not only with with these standards but responsive to the needs of the children they serve. 

5.  Put an end to the punitive and ineffective use of HIGH STAKES applied to a standardized test which by its nature renders is invalid and unreliable.  

6.  Require BESE to immediately develop a process for bringing our Louisiana Content Standards in line with rigorous but developmentally appropriate standards in an open and transparent process that enlists the expertise of qualified K-12 educators and the oversight of Louisiana parents and other stakeholders.  

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