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Yesterday I presented an argument against the Common Core Initiative to the Mandeville Republican Women's Club at Beau Chene Country Club.  My presentation will follow, but here is a list of references and links that I promised to provide.

Comparison of Louisiana English Language Arts content Standards at all grades to Common Core based on a contract service by a company named WestEd.  Notice the micromanagement in the ADDED bits, the DELETED items and how much will remain the same:

Prescribed texts in Common Core:

Grade Literary Information
4             50% 50%
8             45% 55%
12              30% 70%

Grade To Persuade To Explain To Convey Experience
4             30%                 35%               35%
8              35%                  35%        30%
12              40%                  40%        20%

How several parents and a teacher (me) uncovered data sharing and false claims by Supt. John White:  and that saga has been ongoing. . . 

Bishops Blast Common Core: 

Costs of 

Can This Country Survive Common Core's College Readiness Level?: By Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram

Dr. Milgram on reform math vs. traditional math:

Here is the link that shows the standards are copyrighted and owned by the National Governor's Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers:

Myths and facts

From the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS): "The purpose of this piece is to point out a further weakness in the Standards: that the CCSS sweeping efforts to change the balance of literary vs. informational (expository) texts is in error and is not based in research or in real world experience."

Dr. Grant Wiggins who was contracted to assist St. Tammany in designing its curriculum, creator of a Understanding By Design, on Common Core math standards in his blog on Algebra and comments afterward:

grantwigginssaid:September 10, 2013 at 8:16 pm
I think there is no doubt that the way algebra is taught is needlessly abstract, making it highly unlikely that middle schoolers will grasp the point of algebra, its value, and its meaning. I always ask algebra teachers this question: do your students know what algebra does that arithmetic can’t do? Do your students know what analyses algebra enables that can’t be done with basic arithmetic? If the answer is no then it is very unlikely that the mindless plug and chug will last or permit understanding, hence transfer.

grantwigginssaid:April 12, 2013 at 12:48 pm
Agreed! And having all 8th graders take Algebras I, a related idea, is also dumb, especially given the developmental readiness issue that such a current course runs roughshod over.

So what has Common Core brought us?
Scared and frustrated parents and students, frightened and overworked teachers, confused and concerned administrators and local school boards, huge financial worries for all those concerned with local public schools, unknown burdens into the future on U.S. taxpayers, and huge profits for those pushing Common Core and PARCC testing, charters and vouchers. 
Common Core is nothing more than a majestic federal marketing plan to “divide and conquer,” create turmoil,  and take over a $500 billion industry (Forbes magazine),  having the U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for corporate investment and profits. Hard to say who the biggest losers are, but it’s likely all U.S. public school students.
Not just in Louisiana, but it would appear the “Common Core coalition” is falling apart all over the country.
It’s not easy keeping track; this information changes almost daily:
Originally 4 states decided not to sign onto Common Core:
·         4 states did not initially sign on, and are still out of Common Core:  Alaska, Texas, Virginia and Nebraska.
                (One source I found yesterday says Nebraska originally signed on, then signed off.)
At least 11 other states are considering legislative action, leaving Common Core, and/or writing their own standards:
·         1 state, Minnesota, signed on only to Language Arts, stating that the Math standards were not rigorous enough.
·         1 state, Iowa, governor signed Executive Order to write their own “Iowa standards;” and a petition is circulating to put on the ballot “rescind Common Core.”
·         1 state, Michigan, voted “not to fund” Common  Core standards; waiting on further votes.
·         1 state, Maine, governor signed an Executive Order saying Maine’s children will not be held to Common Core or face any consequences…
·         2 states, Kansas and Missouri, are described in media as legislature is “under consideration to withdraw from Common Core.”
·         1 state, Louisiana, one representative, Rep. Cameron Henry, has stated he will file legislation to withdraw from Common Core and PARCC.
·         1 state, Georgia, has filed Senate Bill 203 to consider withdrawing that state from Common Core.
·         2 states, Tennessee and Wisconsin, have been holding legislative hearings “to consider dropping out of Common core.”
·         1 part of New Hampshire, the city of Manchester, “rejects Common Core and will develop their own.”
At least 7 states have dropped out of the Common Core-aligned high-stakes testing, usually the PARCC:
·         7 states officially dropped out of PARCC: 
Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Utah and Indiana
·         1 state, Tennessee, is holding legislative hearings to drop out of PARCC.
There is media coverage of a lot of unrest in other states about Common  Core and PARCC:
·         South Dakota
·         Idaho
·         South Carolina
·         Florida
·         Connecticut
·         California
Student privacy concerns:
·         Oklahoma – has already passed a bill requiring “parental consent to share all information on students.” This is a direct result of Common Core.
Daily media reports from nearly all other states makes the above information change from time to time.

5 Reasons to Drop Out of Common Core:

Professor Tienken on Common Core:  video Dr. Tienken spoke before Kappa Delta Pi at a Tulane a University a few weeks ago:

Why Exxon's Rex Tillerson's Support of  Common Core Built on False Premises:

The truth about global comparisons:

These  are state report cards from 2012. Toggle the drop-down menu to Standards, Assessments, and Accountability. You will see the ranking where Louisiana is rated #2 (97.2) only behind Indiana (97. and the U.S. average is 85.3

NAEP long term trend reading and math show steady progression: 

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