Cowen Institute Sees the Myth in RSD Choice

This recent publication byTulane University's Cowen Institute, an avid charter supporter that consistently, until now, failed to see or report the realities of the charter debacle in Louisiana, sheds light on the admissions practices of our charters.  This is a breakthrough for those of us battling with the lies and misinformation the media is so willing to report and that Bobby Jindal hawks to his political allies.

This was a comment posted after a recent story on Jindal's persistent lies about the success of the RSD.  It includes a guidebook for parents that reveals the truth about the schools. 

The situation is not significantly different than before Jindal and even before the levee failure flooding following Katrina. 

There are a half dozen or so K-12 public schools that are highly desired. To attend one of these, a child is placed in a complex matrix determined by district residency, test scores, siblings already at the school, and in some cases parental affiliation with a supporting outside organization (Tulane University, usually).  
All that gets the child into a lottery. At one school last year, 197 children were vying for 30 slots in pre-K 4. My daughter was one of the lucky 30. My pride in America suffered as it became clear that my child's educational future would be determined by a casino ruse. One of the school lotteries featured a local judge volunteering to operate the spinning cage of cards, a gesture designed to inspire confidence in the process. That worked, as far as reassuring me that the process was truly random in its unfairness.  
Governor Jindal will maintain there are other choices where a parent can walk in and register. That's always been the case, but I doubt that Governor Jindal or anyone in his administration would seriously consider putting their own children in any of the readily available, non-selective, non-lottery schools. 
To get a picture of what parents face when choosing a public school in New Orleans, browse the schools in this report: 
You'll see that the " vast majority of its students attending failing or substandard schools with respect to achievement" is fact, and that Jindal's claim is as mythic as Karl Rove's Romney landslide.

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