So another piece of junk being used to promote the deprofessionalism of teaching. I read quickly through this article. Now they are comparing teachers to "wolves in sheep's clothing."


and then quickly researched what I KNOW to be the REALITY of teacher pay in Louisiana (I have a masters degree)


and I found this:

For a first year teacher in St. Tammany (one of the highest paying districts in the state) , the difference in pay between undergrad and masters is: $471 A YEAR. The bump to Doctorate is $1,968 A YEAR.

For a 25 year teacher in St. Tammany, the difference in pay between undergrad and masters is: $2,462 A YEAR. The bump to Doctorate is $6,274 A YEAR.

Beginning pay in St. Tammany is: Bachelors $44,284 Masters $46,156 Doctorate $49,091

25 years experience will get you: Bachelors $56,851 Masters $59,303 Doctorate $63,125 The difference in pay between a beginning teacher and a teacher with 25 years experience is: $12,567 Bachelors; $13,147 Masters; $14,034 Doctorate.

The American Progress article chart shows Louisiana AVERAGE masters bump is $4,810. Another chart identified as showing figures based on "COST ADJUSTMENT" whatever that means is $5,199 for AVERAGE masters bump.

Also, keep in mind when looking at statistics that there are numbers that skew AVERAGES and make them virtually meaningless to the individual receiving the paycheck. For instance. DeSoto Parish pays the highest teacher salaries - beginning $50,100 bachelors and $51,850 for Masters (a bump of only $1,750 A YEAR). So how does the American Progress article figure the AVERAGE masters bump is $4,810 when that doesn't even exist?

For those of you not from Louisiana it is important to note that the State of Louisiana funds each district a set amount of money (which is the same for every district) for minimum teacher pay. Then districts, according to their own ability to raise taxpayer millages, supplements its teachers. As an example here is the Louisiana Base Pay for 2011-2012:

Bachelors first year $14,631 with a bump for Masters Degree to $14,984 and doctorate $16,223 ( can you imagine Mr. Corporate with a doctorate of accepting $16,223 a year in pay?

The state pays the following for 25 years of experience: $22,846 bachelors, $24,174 Masters, $26,020 Doctorate. Again Mr. Corporate - 25 years experience?

ARE YOU PROUD OF THAT SUPERINTENDENT WHITE? - who has never proven the claim he made AFTER being appointed state superintendent that he earned his masters degree (very quickly I might add and on-line evidently since he had been in Louisiana working hard to destroy public schools for a year). Oh and by the way, Supt. White - with a bachelors degree and NO EXPERIENCE AS A CERTIFIED TEACHER hauls in $275,000 a year with a $2,500 a month housing allowance (that's another $30,000 but for some strange reason is not called salary) and the use of a state-owned vehicle. His contract calls for a 6% YEARLY RAISE upon a "favorable evaluation" the details of which have never been outlined but I'm sure it will rely on the manipulation of student test scores statistics and while his salary will go up, teacher salaries (based on the same scores will undoubtedly go down??????)


DeSoto Parish "skews" the inevitably reported AVERAGE page for teachers and is able to pay its teachers so well because of the Haynesville Shale discovery. http://www.fwbog.com/index.php?page=article&article=107

Our Governor, our legislators and our new-found education policymakers have engaged in a crusade to have the public believe that teachers are overpaid, ineffective, and protected by a union thug mentality. They have bought into the American Legislative Exchange model legislation designed to further erode public confidence in educators by instituting a form of effectiveness assessment that cannot accurately differentiate between high and low performing teachers. That means that not only are some GOOD teachers going to be deemed ineffective and lose their certification and livelihoods but some BAD teachers are going to be deemed EFFECTIVE and retained based largely on the results of student high stakes standardized test scores.

The erosion of public confidence in public education and teachers and the removal of community control over their schools is effectively disenfranchising citizens. Communities are destroyed by destroying the institutions that affect the quality of life in the community. Governor Jindal continues to destroy the delivery of medical care, opportunities for improved communication capacity, defunding of our public schools, reducing funding for higher education leading to increases in tuition and the privatization of government services that will cause them to increase costs in order to make a profit.

Individuals in our community MUST open the dialogue and organize to take action against the the imposition of the will of those few who control our local and state government upon the collective will of the members of each of our communities. Don't let these lies and misrepresentations fool you into believing that a political ideology or an individual's own personal interests are more important or more valuable than the knowledge of and vested interest that you and your neighbors have in your community.

ATTENTION: Today I read this blog in Education Week Magazine by Stephen Sawchuck. Another clue that going after higher degrees is another strategy for de-professionizing the teaching profession. Shame on you Stephen for not doing your homework before reporting these false statistics.

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