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DATE: June 26, 2012
Contact: Lee Barrios, Communications/Media Director 985-789-8304

The initiators of several recall campaigns in Calcasieu and St. Tammany Parishes have received intimidating letters purportedly written on behalf of Jason P. Dore, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Louisiana.

The letter, written by an unnamed party who signed on Dore's behalf, demanded the release of "the name, address, and signature of each person that has signed the recall petition." The writer threatened to institute legal proceedings and noted the possibility that "the court may award the requester civil penalties not to exceed one hundred dollars per day" for each day that the petitioner might fail to respond beyond proscribed time limits.

One letter to a St. Tammany petitioner who did respond stated, ". . we will wait until Wednesday, June 27 to pursue legal action on this matter. If you officially resign as Chairman with the Secretary of State by that time, we will not pursue this action against you. However, if you choose to remain chairman of the recall campaign and fail to comply with our public records request, we will have to proceed with the institution of legal proceedings." That petitioner subsequently resigned as Chairman of the Pearson recall.

Calcasieu teachers Angie Bonvillain and Brenda Romero who filed the Jindal and Kleckley petitions, sought legal representation. Thomas A. Filo of Cox, Cox, Filo, Camel & Wilson, L.L.C., Lake Charles, countered with the legal opinion that his clients were not required to release the records. Filo also cited concern that the request "raises serious constitutional issues under the 1st and 14th Amendments." Bonvillain said they are "ready to take the issue all the way to the State Supreme Court" in order to protect citizens' democratic and constitutional rights to conduct a recall without the fear of threats or reprisals.

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