The Power of Grassroots!!

I was recently invited to join the Steering Committee of the national grassroots organization called Save Our Schools March & National Call to Action. I have been a member of the group since its inception in 2010 and participated in their National March & Call To Action in Washington, D.C. last summer.

 The initial group has reorganized for the purpose of carrying on its mission of supporting and improving public education in America. The battle against privatization is an important one as corporate interests backed by private and federal funding undermine a very basic pillar of democracy - public education and the opportunity it offers for EVERY child to lead a productive life. You can offer your support by joining (free) at

 My focus with Save Our Schools will be to gather all Louisiana public education support groups and individuals under this umbrella to grow the organization and give it the power and the voice that any one of us alone cannot muster. At the same time, developing a Louisiana coalition of public education supporters will allow us to reveal the truth about public education and the myths of the so-called reform movement that have been promulgated by the media and the money funding the reform movement. Unlike the "reform" movement pushed by Governor Jindal to gain political capital and financial gain, our efforts are not politically motivated and have no profit motive.

 SOS Steering Committee members shared with me their belief that Louisiana has now become the MODEL for the DESTRUCTION of public education. This was Governor Bobby Jindal's goal and in reaching it he has triggered the Call to Action that was needed to rally the troops for a historic confrontation. Louisiana Reform and its ALEC agenda has moved to the top of the list as a target for a real "transformation" and dissolution of the current movement to desegregate our schools and to remove local taxpayer control of the futures of their own communities.

 Follow this blog, my Facebook page and the SOS web site for information and actions in which you can participate at any level. I am reminded of the power of grassroots every time I see grass pushing its way through concrete on city streets.

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