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Got this notice from Hanna Wilems in Baton Rouge. A group of parents have orchestrated a well-organized attempt to break a few schools (magnet types I believe) away from the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. If you click on the link to the web site you will see a fantastic brochure that One Community, One School District has put together with excellent support for retaining the schools within the EBRPSS.

April 18
Hannah Dober Wilems

Hi Lee,

I'm writing on behalf of a group of Baton Rouge parents and others who oppose the proposed breakaway of the southeast BR area from EBRPSS and creation of a Southeast Baton Rouge Community School District. We call ourselves One Community, One School District and we'd love to have your support.

The proponents of this new district want to put up a virtual fence along I-12 and get the bused-in students out and keep those who leave the area for magnet or other programs in, all in the name of "parent empowerment" and "choice." We've started a webpage & facebook page.

The legislation has passed the Senate education committee and will be heard in finance Monday. This would require a constitutional amendment so its a steep hurdle, but we're not resting easy on this one. The LA legislature seems intent on dismantling our public school systems--why not leave EBRPSS to the wolves too?
Anyway, I love reading your blog & I hope to hear from you soon.

Hannah Wilems


  1. Actually, Lee, it's more the "whiter" part of town. 3 brand new schools are in this proposed district.

  2. Whiter part of town... Sounds like someone who never visits S. Harrells Ferry or Oneal Lane. This break-away section of town is evenly diverse. But everything is always about race. It's the only argument someone has when they are desperate and have nothing else to argue to make their point.


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