All readers of The Louisiana Educator are invited to immediately join our new data base of email contacts that I am naming The Defenders of Public Education.

We need you now! It is 100% free! It is 100% confidential! Just send an email using your preferred email address, and zip code to: Your zip code will be used to list you and I hope many others according to legislative district so that I can send you timely, relevant information about your representative or senator's position on key education issues. You will also receive updates on critical BESE actions.

From time to time I will ask our Defenders of Public Education to send an email or participate in efforts to influence legislative votes on critical education issues at the legislature. This will be done in cooperation with the Coalition for Louisiana Public Education and the established professional educator organizations of our state. The final decision will always be up to each contact member to do what he/she feels is appropriate.

This is a way for educators to more effectively express the concerns of the education profession in Louisiana with greater unity. Through the actions of this group and the unified efforts of our educator organizations, educators could quickly become one of the most influential groups in the state. All educators, (teachers, administrators, school board members) and parents who care about public education are invited to participate. Just send me your email address and zip code today. Please don't wait for, or expect someone else to represent your profession!

Tuesday, May 29th, a meeting of the Louisiana Accountability Commission was held to make decisions about the SPS rating systems (School Performance Score) for schools this coming year along other issues related to Louisiana's No Child Left Behind waiver. If you sign up for our data base of Defenders of Public Education now, you will be one of the first to see what changes will be mandated for your school in the next school year. All I really need is your email address and zip code, but if you wish, you can also include your name, education position and school or any other important data.

Mike Deshotel,

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