Senator Elbert L. Guillory - District 24 - during debate in suppot of HB 976 regarding holding private and parochial schools accountable.

"I don't need test scores to tell me if a school is good. I can walk into a school and SEE if it's a good school or not."

We could save a whole lot of money and stress from high stakes testing by hiring Senator Guillory to walk into our schools with a divining stick and tell us which schools are good and which are bad.

Senator A. G. Crowe - District 1 - Despite criticism that Senator Crowe's SB 513 does not clearly define pornography, the Senate Finance Committee gave unanimous approval to the bill which would require the Department of Economic Development or the Office of Entertainment Industry Development to deny tax breaks if a film is pornographic. Although the bill doees not have a specific definition for pornography, it would apply to X-rated movies or movies that are "triple X or quadruple X.

"I don't have a definition of pornography; you know it when you see it."

Maybe Senator Crowe should also serve his public by volunteering to take on the job of labelling these movies.

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