BELIEVE! Louisiana but NOT John White

When Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White meets with St. Tammany educators Tuesday at Fontainebleau High School in Mandeville, he may find a larger unfriendlier crowd than expected. Although an invitation was sent to each of the 55 district schools to send only three teachers and a principal to the meeting, the public facility will hold many more and teachers parishwide are talking up plans to attend.

The St. Tammany School System is the largest employer in the parish. A full 100% of its teachers are certified with the majority holding a masters degree or higher. Over 230 are National Board Certified employees. The district is the highest performing large district in the state with over 20,000 students. Superintendent White's lack of education credentials will be no match for the expertise and experience of these educators who see this as an opportunity to let Supt. White and the public know their distaste for Governor Jindal's reform legislation and his usurpation of local control from school boards and taxpayers.

A delegation of local teachers who met in Lafayette last week with the statewide committee formed to support the Recall Bobby Jindal Campaign will be in attendance to offer information and gather signatures. Efforts are also being mounted to file recall petitions for some local legislators.

Louisiana Association of Educators representatives will be available to meet with educators before and after the meeting. They will announce regional meetings to explain legislation and its effects on public education. The Louisiana Federation of Teachers is the local collective bargaining agent, but no announcement has yet been made by President Elsie Burkhalter as to her participation in this event.

District Superintendent Trey Folse and several school board members are scheduled to meet with White earlier in the afternoon. Some school board members attended the National School Boards Association Conference in Boston, Mass., this weekend. NSBA President Mary Broderick today published an open letter to President Obama in which she proferred:
"Our schools will never become great through threat or intimidation. Schools must be safe places to take risks, where staff members and students feel valued for their ideas and talents and empowered to fail so that they can grow. Students will learn what they see, experience, and enjoy. We have the knowledge and experience to do this at the national, state and local levels. However, the present narrow focus on accountability and trend of demonizing those in public education, arrogantly focusing on 'failing schools,' is diametrically opposed to fostering excellence. . . Much in our current school systems works against these, and our new national focus on teacher evaluation will continue that trend. . . "


  1. Hope there is an overflow crowd!

  2. Hopefully other Louisiana Parish will follow the lead of St. Tammany Parish. John White does not have a clue about what's right for educating children. New York was glad to see him leave for Louisiana. New York Public School Parents sent their condolences to the people of New Orleans when they knew that John White was leaving New York to become New Orleans Recovery School District Superintendent. Now he's the State Superintendent, unbelievable!


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