The House Education Committee passed HB 9764 and HB 9767 Wednesday in an 18 hour marathon session. The Capitol reported the largest group of citizens in opposition to a single bill ever recorded, the largest number of citizens who testified against the bill, and the first time ever that citizens (only teachers!)have been required to identify by what authority they were present in order to testify - i.e. personal day, sick day or professional development day.

The Constitution took a beating that day on several counts. Rep. John Bel Edwards noted that it is unconstitutional to vote on a bill that changed more than one law as BOTH BILLS DID. He also stated that it is illegal to take funds dedicated through local millages for specific purposes to be used for the state funding of vouchers. Senator Karen Carter-Peterson made a surprise visit to the meeting and excoriated the committee for their earlier vote to require teachers to identify their employment status. When Rep. Edwards moved to delete the requirement, his motion failed.

Governor Jindal's staff and the media are misleading the public into believing that these education bills will slowly wind their way through the democratic process before they receive a final vote. THESE BILLS WILL BE VOTED ON BY THE FULL HOUSE THIS COMING TUESDAY!!!

It is imperative that you call, email or visit your local representatives and then ALL REPRESENTATIVES to let them know your opposition to these bills as written. They both need SIGNIFICANT AMENDING.

Visit the legislative web site at for contact information for all legislators.

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  1. what a joke our government has become. it's unreal just how cynical our legislators and governor can be and how clueless most of our fellow citizens are. it's truly a farce we're living in!


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