How they voted:

Voting FOR expanding eligibility for state aid to attend private schools (61): , Mr. Speaker, and Reps. Abramson, Adams, Arnold, Badon, Barras, Berthelot, Billiot, Bishop, S., Broadwater, Burford, H. Burns, T. Burns, Carmody, Carter, Champagne, Connick, Cromer, Dove, Fannin, Foil, Garofalo, Greene, Guinn, Harris, Havard, Hazel, Henry, Hensgens, Hodges, Hoffmann, Hollis, Honore, Howard, Huval, G. Jackson, Jefferson, N. Landry, Leger, Leopold, Ligi, Lorusso, Moreno, Morris, Jay, Pearson, Ponti, Pugh, Pylant, Richardson, Robideaux, Schexnayder, Schroder, Seabaugh, Shadoin, Simon, Talbot, Thierry, Thompson, Whitney, P. Williams, and Willmott.

Voting AGAINST House Bill 976 (42): Reps. Anders, Armes, Barrow, W. Bishop, Brossett, Brown, Burrell, Chaney, Cox, Danahay, Dixon, Edwards, Franklin, Gaines, Geymann, Gisclair, Guillory, Harrison, Hill, Hunter, K. Jackson, James, Johnson, Jones, Lambert, T. Landry, LeBas, Mack, Miller, Montoucet, Morris, Jim, Norton, Ortego, Pierre, Pope, Price, Reynolds, Richard, Ritchie, Smith, St. Germain, and Thibaut.

NOT Voting (2): Reps. Lopinto, and A. Williams.

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