WWLTV reported this evening that Governor Jindal claims his research proves that New Orleans voucher students have outperformed their peers in the New Orleans RSD schools from whence they came:
Can Jindal take school vouchers statewide?

"Jindal dismisses such complaints.

He cites a lengthy list of 2010-2011 statistics showing voucher students outperform their peers in New Orleans RSD schools that are academically unacceptable. Some examples: 45 percent of third-graders in the voucher (or "opportunity scholarship") program were on grade level in 2010-11 in English, while only 39 percent of third-graders in failing RSD public schools were on grade level; 26 percent of third-graders in the scholarship program were on grade level in 2010-11 in science, while 25 percent of their counterparts in failing RSD schools were on grade level."

However, his former BESE favorite and charter proponent Leslie Jacobs says her research show very different results:

RSD Schools Significantly Outperform Voucher Program


"As a district of choice, Orleans families have multiple education options, including the voucher program. There has been great focus on the reforms inside the Recovery School District (RSD) and the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB). With the recent test score release, we now have data to begin evaluating the performance of voucher students.

In the 2009-10 school year, 1113 children in grades K-4 received vouchers to attend one of the 32 participating non-public schools. Unfortunately, looking at the spring 2010 test scores, voucher students performed much worse than students in the New Orleans RSD – both its traditionally run public schools and public charter schools.

Of the 1113 voucher students, 240 were tested in 2010: 135 3rd graders took the iLEAP test, and 105 4th graders took the LEAP test. (There are no state tests for students in grades K, 1 and 2.)

Below are the results for the 3rd and 4th grade English Language Arts (ELA) tests.

Percent of Students Scoring Basic or Above in English

View the results for all tests.

The performance of students enrolled in the voucher program raises serious concerns. While Louisiana’s proficiency goal is for all students to be Basic and above, in the voucher schools, only 35% of 3rd graders and 29% of 4th graders earned scores indicating they are grade level proficient in reading. Compare that to the RSD charters, where 54% of 3rd graders and 58% of 4th graders scored Basic and above. In fact, in English 4th grade students enrolled in the RSD charter schools outperformed students attending voucher schools by 2 to 1."

Somebody is pulling our leg on vouchers!

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