Jefferson Parish School Board Superintendent Search

Tonight I attended the Jefferson Parish School Board meeting at Bonnabel High. I didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling!!

The board is in the process of determining a process to select a new permanent superintendent. I made these comments regarding their search when public comment was allowed:

As a long time advocate for children and their opportunities to receive a quality public education - as I, my children and my grandchildren have - it is my hope that this Board will search out a Superintendent whose experience and credentials will qualify him or her to lead this system out of the morass of politics and the culture of failure that the latest iteration of so-called REFORM has brought to some parts of our state.

The new Jefferson Parish Schools Superintendent should only support a system that is held fully accountable to the taxpayers of the community. Should hold ALL schools accountable to the taxpayers of the community. Should hold ALL schools, both traditional and charters fully accountable and required to follow all the rules and regulations designed by BESE to protect our children and support successful education outcomes.

The new Superintendent should honor and support his teachers and provide them with the tools needed to grow their craft the same as any other profession.

Teachers are the vehicle by which our children will attain their individual potentialities - potentials that often belie the mind numbing test and drill mania of high stakes standardized testing that all reputable research shows does nothing to improve learning nor is it able to identify the quantity or quality of learning.

I ask that you search for a candidate who will not throw the baby out with the bath water by simply closing our schools and virtually selling them to the highest bidder or charter management company while firing the teachers and disrupting the communities and children who need stability and community.

I hope he/she will know how to stop the flow of taxpayer money into the bottomless pit of unresearched, unproven and TRULY status quo measures that continue to purportedly "close the education gap" simply by standardizing expectations and outcomes for our lowest AND highest performing students.

Let's do what's right for our children and our communities by appointing a superintendent who is responsive to THEIR needs.

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