What Will It Take? RSD Newest New Plan

RSD Superintendent John White and the Dept. of Education just released an announcement introducing the new RSD "Executive Team." The Times-Picayune noted that Mr. White refused to reveal the salaries of his new hires - even though this is public information and taxpayer funded.

The strategic plan will be released September 6 during a public event at Loyola University's Louis J. Roussell Hall at 6:00 p.m. The following is the News Release.

It is important for everyone concerned about the direction that public education policymakers have taken to attend this meeting and to satisfy any questions or concerns you may have. The last thing that the citizens of Louisiana need are MORE EMPTY PROMISES!! One of my major goals as BESE member will be to not only DEVELOP POLICY that will maintain absolute accountability but will GUARANTEE IT.



Contact: Siona LaFrance, (504) 373-6200 ext. 20084, Fax: (504) 309-3647 Executive Director of Communications, Recovery School District


NEW ORLEANS, La - Over the past 100 days, Recovery School District (RSD) Superintendent John White has looked inward and outward to develop a set of strategic commitments to ensure the success of
students in the district. This week marks the conclusion of the 100-Day strategy. And today, Superintendent White announced the development and release of a strategic plan, entitled What Will It Take?

The strategic plan, which will be released September 6 during a public event at Loyola University's Louis J.
Roussel Hall, outlines the RSD's goals and commitments for the next three years, focusing on three core principles: Excellence, Equity, and Community. "These goals and commitments are notjust words on paper. We want to be held accountable for what we say we're going to do," Superintendent White said. "We plan to come back to the community periodically to get an assessment of how we're doing."

The 100-Day strategy began May 16,after Superintendent White convened four task force committees, comprised ofrepresentatives of four distinct groups: educators, parents, community members, and students. Eight leaders in the community were selected to serve as co-chairs of the task force groups. Over the last three months, these groups and the RSD have sought input through public meetings, comment cards, online surveys, and posts to the website: www.rsd100days.com.

"This has been an exciting and enlightening process, and I'd like to thank everyone who attended these meetings and took the time to make their voices heard," Superintendent White said.

"During this process, I've attended numerous public meetings, met with community and religious leaders, and talked to parents and students," Superintendent White said. "My staff has also closely examined school data and enrollment systems and developed new systems and processes to ensure our schools are providing every child with the very best chance to succeed."

White Appoints Five Deputies and Executive Team

Additionally, Superintendent White announced a new team, which will be tasked with helping execute the goals and commitments in the strategic plan. As part of the restructuring and to create a more efficient framework for serving students, the number of staff positions in the RSD central office has been reduced by 35 percent.

The team reflects a new organizational structure designed to more effectively manage a portfolio of schools based on their various stages of turnaround and to maximize impact on student achievement. The result of a thorough organizational assessment, the reorganization creates a network-based school-improvement strategy for immediate and long-term work. Five deputy superintendents have been recruited to lead five new divisions:

  • Community and Policy:
    Patrick M. Dobard
  • Services: J. DeLano Ford
  • Operations: Ramsey Green
  • Portfolio: Chris Meyer
  • Achievement: Amy B.

Superintendent White's executive team includes Kunjan Narechenia, Chief of Staff, and Monica Boudouin, Executive Director of New Orleans Achievement.

"We've assembled an outstanding and energetic leadership team to execute the goals and commitments set forth by the community through our strategic planning process," Superintendent White said. "They are eager to raise the bar for academic achievement, ensure that all children have access to great schools, and ensure that the community's voice is heard in the process. And in fact, they are already hard at work."

Event Details:

Release of What Will It Take?

Loyola University, Louis J. Roussel Hall

(Corner of St. Charles Avenue and Calhoun Street)

September 6, 2011 6 p.m.

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