BESE District 1 Map - Get Out The Vote!

I am posting here the newly reapportioned BESE Districts Map link which includes street maps and voting precincts. PLEASE NOTE: The districts have changed since the last election. Also note that you have to scroll down near the bottom of the above linked document to see the maps.

District 1, for which I am a candidate, includes the entire Parish of St. Tammany, a substantial portion of Jefferson Parish and a newly included section of Orleans Parish. Please study these maps to determine the district IN WHICH YOU LIVE so that you can learn as much as possible about the candidates before the election OCTOBER 22. If you are unsure of your voting precinct, you can call the Registrar of Voters for your parish.

It is so important for all taxpayers to get out and vote in this election. Whether your interest is as a parent, an educator, a student (register to vote if you're 18), a taxpayer, or a business owner, the success of our children, the maintenance of our public school system, the quality of the educational experience we offer, and the effective and efficient use of our tax dollars are vital to the welfare of our communities and our economy.

I suggest you ask these questions when trying to determine the candidate for whom you will vote:

1. Is he/she qualified?

BESE is the highest education policy making body and authority in the state. Don't you want someone with considerable experience and expertise as an educator making that policy?

2. Has that candidate been a long time participant in promoting the growth and improvement of public education and equitable opportunities for all children at the local, state and national levels?

There is no "silver bullet" or quick fix for the most difficult obstacles that face our public schools and communities. There are tested and proven successful education principles along with innovative practices being demonstrated in schools throughout Louisiana and the United States. But you have to "know one when you see one" and be able to recognize those that will best serve the needs of each individual community.

3. Does the candidate have a record of seeking input from the communities and educators he/she serves and then satisfactorily responding?

Education is NOT a business that can be operated exclusively through a top-down hierarchy. Education happens in the classroom, not the Claiborne Building in Baton Rouge where the LDOE and BESE too often isolate themselves. A quality education system requires collaboration with all stakeholders in order to serve a diverse citizenry.

4. As in all political campaigns, what is the source of support for each of the candidates? By whom are the candidates endorsed?

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